ELMONT Brno engineering, s.r.o.

Company profile

Subject of our work are:

  • supply of capital equipment – MV substation, heavy current, field instrumentation and control
  • automated technological process control system
  • projects
  • delivery
  • assembly
  • technical services
  • initial and periodic review
  • complex testing
  • trial run
  • service

These activities are provided for investment in Czech Republic and also abroad.

  • switchboard and cable-junction substation 6,10,22,35kV
  • switching stations up to 35kV
  • LV substations
  • batteries, rectifiers, secured power sources
  • power and distribution transformers
  • frequency converters
  • electric protection - MV, LV
  • distribution of cable networks including gear cable routing and grounding
  • lighting, light and socket wiring
  • control systems (Simatic, Allen-Bradley, Schneider)
  • field instrumentation and control elements